Players are allowed only one account, as stated in the Terms of Use. Occasionally people try to game the system and create multiple accounts to get into a game higher or lower than their original level. People who game the system may be removed from JMS. If a second account is suspected for the above reasons, both accounts will be suspended until JMS can ascertain the user is not trying to game the system. Reminder: Level classifications are to group people of similar ability. If you played varsity, you'll play with others who did. If you just started last year, you'll play with others who did. Anyone who tries to game the system will be identified and possibly removed from JMS. Solutions to most of the common reasons individuals create second accounts are included throughout the FAQs. If you are trying to move up or down a level, please fill out a change level request form. New users can adjust their level up or down ONCE before their first game. Note that if you remove all your levels, as the warning indicates: you will not be able to sign up for any games. If you need to make changes to your account, find an answer in these FAQs or email