JMS Hockey LLC will never divulge your private information. 

Phone number: in the event of either the rink or JMS Hockey canceling a session, we would contact you by phone to save you a trip. JMS Hockey does not solicit by phone.

Address information: Since we know where you are - we know where to schedule our sessions. You won’t be receiving any junk mail from JMS Hockey. 

Age: JMS Hockey is an outlet for adults (18+). Age also helps us get a picture of your skating history. Are you an 18 year old kid who just finished playing high school hockey, or are you a 45 year old who hasn’t played since high school. Age does make some difference, but it is certainly not the most important piece of information. Skaters often petition to skate at a higher or lower level due to age difference. 

Sex: Occasionally JMS will become informed of men’s or women’s skating opportunities, and in the interests of avoiding the oversaturation your inbox we contact only those for whom the message is applicable